Water Quality in Mexico: Reverse Osmosis is the Solution

The water quality of Mexico has always been a problem and although the government has tried to remedy the situation it still has a long way to go. The water may look clean in some parts of the country but there are still tons of bacteria and toxic minerals that aren’t treated properly which can have a negative effect on your health. The current dependence on bottled water is costing Mexicans their money and their environment. By switching to a good reverse osmosis water filtration system they can eliminate the water contaminants and have pure water for a fraction of the cost. Reverse osmosis membranes can eliminate toxic minerals and increase the access to clean water that Mexicans can enjoy.

The water chemistry varies radically from one part of the country to the next, but the contaminants that are found are fairly consistent. The locals often discussion various unpleasing properties of the tap water, whether itís how it smells, the color, if there is sand or mud in it, or even if there are visible insects that come out of the tap. Most of the tap water is obtained through lakes, streams, rivers, and the water table. The water quality isn’t very high and without proper treatment there is bacteria, toxic metals and minerals, chemicals, pesticides and other organic compounding that pollute these seemingly natural sources. The only way to truly be sure of what kind of water contaminants are present in the water is to have it tested by a reputable laboratory or treated before you use it with an in home reverse osmosis system.

In most cases the water from Mexico should be processed using a reverse osmosis system that contains both pre and post filtration. Use of a high quality reverse osmosis membrane may require the addition of a pump and electricity that may not be available in all parts of Mexico. Depending on your situation there are different types of systems that can satisfy your reverse osmosis system needs. There are single under the sink or on the counter applications, and there are also larger whole house systems that can be installed. Decreasing the costs associated with buying bottled water will likely require a higher initial cash outlay but this will quickly be regained as you benefit from the daily cost savings. For some there is the option of renting a reverse osmosis system that may be more feasible.

Mexico is the largest consumer of bottled water with estimates exceeding 125 gallons of water per person a year. Compared to the US, Mexico consumes about 4 times as much bottled water and the most out of any surveyed nation. People are using this water [bottled water] for cooking, for bathing their babies, said Federico Basanes, division chief for water and sanitation at the development bank. The associated costs can be staggering as most families spend up to 10% of their total income on bottled water, which is double what would be expected in similar circumstances. The reason derives from the confidence in the local supply of clean pure water is lacking and there are too many incidents of yellow or brown water that people simply do not want to take the risk. There is another factor in that people are accustomed to filling their water bottles and are continuing this process out of habit for pure water.

Only about 30 percent of the tap water is treated for drinkability by eliminating the bacteria. The government of Mexico has been investing heavily in treating the water at the source but these efforts are mostly futile as the pipes and water mains of the city contaminate the water that was purified at the treatment facility. Most municipal water companies insist that the tap water is safe while not sufficiently treating it for human consumption. Until they are able to update all of the city’s water mains and the residential access pipes the only option is treating the water as the end of the line which is in the house. This is easily accomplished by installing a reverse osmosis membrane to filter all of the contaminants and provide you with the cleanest water possible.

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