Membranes and Filters – How-2 service your reverse osmosis unit

This is a step by step process that will help you replace all of the reverse osmosis membranes in your system whether they are GE, FilmTec or Hydronautics or others. Doing this at least once a year will keep your reverse osmosis (RO) unit in optimal working order and limit the amount of whole replacement RO parts that you have to purchase. Most reverse osmosis systems will be constructed similarly to these descriptions but you may need to adapt some of the instructions in order to properly service your unit. Before you go to replace any of the reverse osmosis membranes or carbon filters it is prudent to test the total dissolved solids (TDS) that are present in the filtered water and the pure tap water. By comparing these results and understanding the efficiency of your particular reverse osmosis system you will be able to spot when the system is not functioning as it should and take the necessary steps to remedy or fix these problems with wholesale replacement reverse osmosis products. 

1. Turn off the inlet water at the inlet valve on the unit. Then turn off the cold water line valve. Also turn off the tank valve at the top of the storage tank. Finally open the faucet for the system and let the pressure dissipate.

2. Pull the unit out into a workable position over a large basin or pan (as there will be some minor water spillage).  Be mindful when disconnecting fittings to get it into place that you remember where they connect so that you can reassemble the system.

3. Using a filter wrench, unscrew the vertical filter vessels (there may be 2 or more of these). The vessels should loosen in a counter-clockwise direction and will contain water. Take these filter vessels off one at a time so that you don’t mix up the order.

4. Take the filter out of the vessel and then clean the vessel with soap, water and a bit of bleach. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse the vessel with water before continuing.

5. Handle the new filter or membrane with care and touch the surface as minimally as possible. Be sure to place the filter or membrane properly in the bottom of the vessel. It is good practice to lubricate (with silicone grease) the O-ring seal around at the top of the filter vessel.

6. Screw the vessel back into its proper place and tighten snugly. A quarter turn on the filter wrench should be sufficient as over-tightening will damage the seal.

7. Replacing the horizontal filter is a similar process but you have to be mindful of the direction of water flow and orient the filter in the correct direction.

8. Once all of the filter vessels have been put back together you then have to reconnect all of the tubes that were disconnected.

9. Turn on the cold water line valve first. Then slowly open the inlet valve on the system and check for any leaks before opening the valve completely.

10. After you have determined that there are no leaks open the faucet completely and open the valve on the top of the tank, so that it will drain the tank completely. You may need to activate the pump to increase the pressure and drain off any of the remaining water. Ensuring that the water tank has sufficient pressure will enable a proper amount of water to fill into the tank after it has been drained.

11. Close the faucet and allow the tank to refill, which may take a few hours, and then for best results, drain the tank again once it has been refilled.

Whether you are using a FilmTec, Hydranautics, GE, Toray or koch reverse osmosis systems, you can adapt the above process to effectively replace all of your filters and membranes.  Performing regular tests on the water quality and TDS will allow you to know when to seek out any wholesale replacement reverse osmosis products and extend the life of your RO system.


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