Renting a Reverse Osmosis System vs. Buying Bottled Water

Water is life.

Making sure that you consume enough water every day is vital to your very existence. But do you know what the quality is of the water that you are ingesting daily? Do you mainly consume your water from bottled water or do you just rely on filtered or unfiltered tap water? There are solutions and systems that you can benefit from, even if you are in a condo or apartment, which will improve the quality of water that you are drinking; subsequently increasing your quality of life. Buying bottled water can be expensive and it can take a toll on your health and the environment. Buying a reverse osmosis system can often be the best alternative. What if it is too expensive, you are in a rental, or you donít have a lot of space for a large system? Well now you can rent a reverse osmosis system and have all of benefits without the initial cost or permanent installation. Renting provides all of the cost savings and health benefits over bottled water for a low monthly fee.

As you may or may not know bottled water is not always the cleanest or healthiest water that you can drink. Besides the very inflated price of bottled water it has been shown that about a quarter of all bottled water that is sold is just tap water that has been labeled as fresh spring water.  Even after you determine that the water is as contaminant free as tap water you still have to consider that the plastic bottle, that it is housed in, has been shown to leak toxic chemicals over time. The longer it sits on the shelf, the higher the concentration of chemicals such as Bisphenol A and Phthalates become; both of which have been linked to cancer. All of these health drawbacks considered, what about the environmental impact of all of those un-recycled plastic bottles? The plastic bottles that arenít recycled (about 10-15% of all bottles) go into the environment and can leech those same toxic chemicals into the water tables. We are enduring all of these drawbacks because of the convenience that bottled water affords us.

A reverse osmosis system by comparison will give you the cleanest possible water for increased health at a great low cost. These systems work to reduce all of the contaminants in your water by forcing the water to be purified through a reverse osmosis membrane, as well as a series of filters. This allows the water to be removed of all of the molecules that are larger than H2O atoms. Some of these chemicals and harmful elements that are filter out include arsenic, lead, copper, fluoride, chlorine, and other bacteria and organic compounds. The environmental impact is greatly reduced versus bottled water as the only components that need changing are the filters once a year.

The solution to this quandary then becomes either renting or buying a reverse osmosis system. These systems provide you with the purest water available at the lowest cost per gallon. Compared to buying bottled water that isn’t as healthy for you or the environment, a reverse osmosis home system will give you a more cost effective, healthy, and chemical free source of water. Renting one of these systems has never been easier or more convenient. The company will take care of installation, maintenance and filter replacement all for a low convenient monthly fee. Contact us for more details on how to acquire one of these systems so that you can improve your health, save money, and do better for the environment.

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