Top 10 Water Related Nonprofits and Organizations in the World

Non-profit non-governmental institutions and organizations (or NGOs) number in the millions the world over. Throughout the years, NGOs involved in freshwater, reverse osmosis, and water purification have increased their influence in the protection and provision of clean and fresh drinking water for the local populace. The Top 10 non-profit water-related NGOs in the world, culled out of The Global Journal’s list of Top 100 NGOs 2013 special edition (out of approximately 450 NGOs with their key criteria including impact, innovation and sustainability), include: CARE International Care International helps local populations such as students, families, farmers, marginalized groups and local governments through education. They aid communities in the provision of and access to safe and clean water, technological advances, water policy...

28 Mar

Membranes and Filters – How-2 service your reverse osmosis unit

This is a step by step process that will help you replace all of the reverse osmosis membranes in your system whether they are GE, FilmTec or Hydronautics or others. Doing this at least once a year will keep your reverse osmosis (RO) unit in optimal working order and limit the amount of whole replacement RO parts that you have to purchase. Most reverse osmosis...

28 Mar

Reverse Osmosis Terms and Common Wholesale Replacement Parts

Automatic Shut Off Valve (SOV): To reduce the amount of water that is wasted, RO systems have an automatic shut off just before the membrane. This is tied to the capacity of the storage tank and helps to increase the pressure that is maintained in the whole system. Check Valve: Located on the exit of the reverse osmosis membrane vessel. This valve prevents any backward...

17 Mar

Reverse Osmosis Facts – Answers to Top 20 Asked Questions

When you hear a term such as reverse osmosis it may elicit memories of chemistry class or you may just think that it has something to do with purifying the water. While these ideas are valid most people have more questions regarding how a reverse osmosis membrane works and need these answers before they consider purchasing a system. Here are answers to the top 20 questions...

27 Jan

Reverse Osmosis 101

Reverse osmosis is a process that is used to treat and purify water. It can be used for desalination, recycling, wastewater treatment and even producing energy. As contaminated water and other water issues become a global threat there is a need for sustainable and cost effective methods of water treatment. Reverse osmosis can help you clean the water in your house or business to have...