GE RO Membranes

GE Offers Twist & Lock Convenience

You can replace filters and membranes in seconds with the GE Twist & Lock design. Just twist the filter a quarter turn and it locks into place. No tools are needed and there’s no mess. Look for the Twist & Lock logo on GE packaging.

Features & Benefits

GE’s hydrophilic membranes for filtration include: polycarbonate and polyester, nylon, nitrocellulose-mixed esters, polyethersulfone, cellulose acetate and silver membranes

Filters for prefiltration or high dirt-loading capacity include: glass fiber with or without binding, and polypropylene prefilters, which are often used for removing large particulates from solutions before utilizing the smaller pore-sized membranes

Hydrophobic membranes include: Teflon® with or without a supportive backing; and nylon, with an internally supported web and polypropylene membranes. PVP-free PCTE (polycarbonate) from GE, which is slightly hydrophobic, is included under the hydrophilic membranes



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