21 Aug

Energy Efficient Passive Home

Every thought about building a house that is fully energy efficient, self sustainable and progressive? Check out this article about a Habitat for Humanity energy efficient home dubbed a EmpowerHouse

10 Aug

Sailing: A Life Aboard a Yacht or Boat

Sailing aboard a yacht or a boat is a luxury few can afford. Regardless of costs associated with owning a boat/yacht is a dream of many. The solitude, the chance to view the sheer beauty of the countryside that can be seen from a different angle, the freedom to see the world at leisure, and the seemingly endless perspective of the sea and sky that...

Water purification for boat owners

Fishing pros and boat owners regularly have to deal with the perennial problem of freshwater shortage. Despite spending most of the time in the midst of vast seas, the lack of potable water is not easily addressed. Fortunately, now there are solutions to this problem that don't involve the need to carry large water containers. Converting seawater into potable water is now conveniently doable with the help of various equipment or apparatuses. Desalination Also known as desalinization and desalting, desalination is the process of removing salt and other unwanted minerals from saltwater or a saline solution. It is a process intended to produce freshwater for human consumption, irrigation, and other uses where saltwater is deemed unfit. Desalination has two main...

Top 10 Water Related Nonprofits and Organizations in the World

Non-profit non-governmental institutions and organizations (or NGOs) number in the millions the world over. Throughout the years, NGOs involved in freshwater, reverse osmosis, and water purification have increased their influence in the protection and provision of clean and fresh drinking water for the local populace. The Top 10 non-profit water-related NGOs in the world, culled out of The Global Journal’s list of Top 100 NGOs 2013 special edition (out of approximately 450 NGOs with their key criteria including impact, innovation and sustainability), include: CARE International Care International helps local populations such as students, families, farmers, marginalized groups and local governments through education. They aid communities in the provision of and access to safe and clean water, technological advances, water policy...

Fluoride is not Safe, EPA Admits after Decades

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now planning to reduce fluoride levels in the water systems despite instigating it years ago. It has admitted that it was a mistake and cited studies that show the negative effects of fluoride to teeth. Back in the 1940s, fluoride was massively promoted to be beneficial to teeth because of its enamel strengthening properties. Because of this, it was decided to add the substance to the drinking water in American homes and buildings. During that time, there were already some people who were protesting against this unwanted addition. They claimed that fluoride was in fact toxic to people. Confirmed Suspicions These ignored worries turned out to be true. The National Academy of Sciences...

22 May

Filmtec Membranes: A Solution to Water Scarcity Problems

Filmtec: A Solution to Water Scarcity Problems The demand for fresh drinking water has been continuously escalating, especially in various regions around the world where there is a limited supply of these resources. Through the advancements made in the technology of reverse osmosis membrane, seawater desalination is proving to be an option that is more cost-effective and feasible, when it comes to producing processed, potable...

12 May

Inspiration for the Global Environment

Dalai Lama talks about the universal responsibility for the environment and each other.

04 Apr

Prevent top 15 health issues by simply keeping your body hydrated.

There are many benefits to keeping your body hydrated. Several factors that influence how much water you require on a daily basis such as climate, muscle mass, physical activity, nutrition, and genetics. According to the Institute of Medicine, most people need 8 glasses of water every day for optimal hydration. Below are the top 15 reasons to stay hydrated. Feeling bloated or overweight? Staying hydrated will...

28 Mar

For top water related Illnesses reverse osmosis filtration process is the solution

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 3.5 million people die each year as the result of water related illnesses. The majority of the diseases and illnesses that make this the leading cause of transmission of death causing diseases are attributed to contamination by raw sewage. One of the best ways that you can insure the quality of the water that is consumed...

20 Mar

Water Quality in Mexico: Reverse Osmosis is the Solution

The water quality of Mexico has always been a problem and although the government has tried to remedy the situation it still has a long way to go. The water may look clean in some parts of the country but there are still tons of bacteria and toxic minerals that aren't treated properly which can have a negative effect on your health. The current dependence...

16 Mar

Reverse osmosis system is Poland’s answer to clean water

The water quality in Poland is not the highest quality but it is deemed safe to drink in most areas. Many people living in the country in Poland do not have access to clean water and for the most part there are still high levels of chemicals in the water supply across the board. The general sentiment amongst polish people is that the tap water...

15 Mar

Bottled Water vs. Reverse Osmosis: The Facts

Consuming enough water is the most important thing that we can do to ensure that we have and maintain good health. There are benefits to bottled water, but all of them come at a cost that outweighs the benefit. Installing a long-term solution such as a reverse osmosis system can give you more benefits than bottled water at a fraction of the cost. Not only...

27 Jan

Renting a Reverse Osmosis System vs. Buying Bottled Water

Water is life. Making sure that you consume enough water every day is vital to your very existence. But do you know what the quality is of the water that you are ingesting daily? Do you mainly consume your water from bottled water or do you just rely on filtered or unfiltered tap water? There are solutions and systems that you can benefit from, even...