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Energy Efficient Passive Home

Every thought about building a house that is fully energy efficient, self sustainable and progressive?...

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Sailing: A Life Aboard a Yacht or Boat

Sailing aboard a yacht or a boat is a luxury few can afford. Regardless of...

Water purification for boat owners

Fishing pros and boat owners regularly have to deal with the perennial problem of freshwater...

Top 10 Water Related Nonprofits and Organizations in the World

Non-profit non-governmental institutions and organizations (or NGOs) number in the millions the world over. Throughout...

Fluoride is not Safe, EPA Admits after Decades

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now planning to reduce fluoride levels in the...

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Filmtec Membranes: A Solution to Water Scarcity Problems

Filmtec: A Solution to Water Scarcity Problems The demand for fresh drinking water has been...